Board Members

Yardley Manor Homeowners Association is run by a Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. They are groups of volunteer residents that are not, in any way, compensated for their time and efforts. The Yardley manor community relies on a pool of residents who generously take considerable time out of their schedules to address the issues and concerns of the community. This helps to keep the annual dues low (relative to surrounding communities) and the actions as immediate as possible.

The Homeowners Association is always looking for volunteers to join the efforts, which include maintaining the community's grounds, addressing security issues, communicating and meeting with Township officials and Yardley manor residents, and assisting with the overall management of Yardley Manor, including its finances and bylaws.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering your time and joining this group of concerned residents.

Below is a comprehensive list of your neighbors who are devoting their time to attend to our community's needs.

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